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DPCC Guideline

Annual report


  (See rule 13)
  [To be submitted to the prescribed authority on or before 30th June every year for the period from January
to December of the preceding year, by the occupier of health care facility (HCF) or common bio-medical waste treatment facility (CBWTF)]
  1 . Particulars of the Occupier :  
  (i)   Name   of   the   authorised   person   (occupier   or operator of facility) : Dr. Neelam Sethi
  (ii) Name of HCF or  CBMWTF : Delhi Heart & Lung Institute
  (iii) Address for Correspondence : 3-MM-II, Panchkuian Road, New Delhi - 55
  (iv) Address of Facility   3-MM-II, Panchkuian Road, New Delhi - 55
  (v)Tel. No, Fax. No : 011-42999999, Fax No. 42999961
  (vi) E-mail ID : dhli.hr@gmail.com
  (vii) URL of Website : www.dhli.in
  (viii) GPS coordinates of HCF or  CBMWTF : NL-28⁰38'30", EL-77⁰12'20"
  (ix) Ownership of HCF or  CBMWTF : Private 
  (x).  Status  of  Authorisation  under  the  Bio-Medical Waste (Management and Handling) Rules : Authorisation No.DPCC/(11)(5)(0089)/C-089/BMW-06/7841 valid up to 18th July 2022
  (xi).  Status  of  Consents  under  Water  Act   and   Air
: Valid up to: 06-09-2020
  2. Type of Health Care Facility :  
  (i)   Bedded Hospital : No. of Beds: 100
  (ii) Non-bedded hospital
(Clinic  or  Blood  Bank  or    Clinical  Laboratory  or Research  Institute  or    Veterinary  Hospital  or  any
: NA
  (iii) License number and its date of expiry : DGHS/NH/652 and Valid upto 31st March 2020
  3. Details of CBMWTF :  
  (i)    Number    healthcare    facilities    covered    by
  (ii) No of beds covered by CBMWTF :  
  (iii)   Installed   treatment   and   disposal   capacity   of
:                Kg per day
  (iv) Quantity of biomedical waste treated or disposed
: ________Kg/day
  4 Quantity  of  waste  generated  or  disposed  in  Kg  per annum (on monthly average basis) : Yellow Category : 3144
  Red Category   : 3636 
  White:  408
  Blue Category : 1152
  General Solid waste: 12000
  5 Details of the Storage, treatment, transportation, processing and Disposal Facility
  (i)   Details   of   the on-site storage facility : Size        :
  Capacity :
  Provision  of   on-site  storage (Cold storage or any other provision)
  (ii)   Details   of the treatment or disposal  facilities : Type of treatment equipment No of
Capacity Kg/ day Quantity treatedo r disposed in kg per
  : Incinerators
Needle tip cutter
or destroyer
Sharps encapsulation
or concrete pit
Deep burial pits:
Chemical disinfection:
Any other treatment
  (iii)  Quantity  of     recyclable  wastes
sold   to   authorized   recyclers   after treatment in kg per annum.
: Red Category (like plastic, glass etc.)
  (iv) No of vehicles used for collection and    transportation    of    biomedical waste :  
  (v)   Details   of   incineration   ash   and ETP  sludge  generated  and  disposed during the treatment of wastes in Kg per annum : Incineration Quantity Where Ash ETP generated disposed Sludge
  (vi)   Name   of   the      Common   Bio- Medical    Waste   Treatment    Facility Operator   through   which   wastes   are disposed of : SMS Watergrace BMW Pvt. Ltd
  (vii) List of member HCF not handed over bio-medical waste. :  
  6 Do    you    have    bio-medical    waste management committee? If yes, attach minutes  of  the  meetings  held  during the reporting period : No.
  7 Details trainings conducted on BMW :  
  (i)  Number  of  trainings  conducted  on BMW Management. : 24
  (ii)  number of personnel trained : 360
  (iii)    number  of  personnel  trained  at the time of induction : 360
  (iv)     number     of     personnel     not undergone any training so far : N/A
  (v)    whether    standard    manual    for training is available? : Yes
  (vi) any other information) : N/A
  8 Details    of    the    accident    occurred during the year : N/A
  (i) Number of Accidents occurred :  
  (ii) Number of the persons affected :  
  (iii)  Remedial  Action  taken  (Please attach details if any) :  
  (iv) Any Fatality occurred, details. :  
  9. Are  you  meeting  the  standards  of  air Pollution  from  the  incinerator?  How many times in last year could not met the standards? : Incinerator not available
    Details of Continuous online emission monitoring systems installed :  
  10 Liquid waste  generated and  treatment methods  in  place.  How  many  times you  have  not  met  the  standards  in  a year? : Yes
  11 Is     the     disinfection     method     or sterilization     meeting     the     log     4 standards? How many times you have not met the standards in a year? : Yes
  12 Any other relevant information : N/A
  Certified that the above report is for the period from 01st January 2017 to 31st December 2017.
Name and Signature of the Head of the Institution
Date: Place
  Date :………………..





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