Blood Bank

To fulfill our commitment to maintain an adequate and safe blood supply for the patients we serve, the blood bank maintains the following services:

  • Blood Collection Services (BCS) department performs blood collection in the blood bank between 9am to 5 pm on all working days from voluntary or replacement donors
  • Transfusion Transmissible Infections Screening Laboratory screens all donated blood for HIV 1&2, Hepatitis B surface antigen, HCV, Syphilis and Malaria parasite.
  • Component production Laboratory prepares and stocks the components: Packed red cells, Platelet Concentrate and Fresh Frozen Plasma. Leucoreduction is performed on all units.
  • Red Cell Serology Laboratory is responsible for blood grouping, antibody screening, compatibility testing and issue of blood/ components. All compatibility tests are performed by automated gel technology.

Additional Services Available

  • Consultation to clinicians regarding transfusion needs of patients
  • Blood grouping
  • Compatibility testing
  • Direct and Indirect Coombs Test
  • Autologous Blood Collection
  • Voluntary Donor Recruitment Strategies

Assistance with Procedures

The BTS department will assist in establishing acceptable standard procedures for:

  • Safe Transfusion Practices
  • Professional Training in transfusion medicine
  • Staff training in transfusion procedures
  • Quality Assurance
  • Blood usage and review


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