Dietary Service

Diet is a vital determinant of health and the nutritional status of people. The role that diet plays in the general health of people is established beyond doubt. An understanding of nutrient gaps or excesses in dietary habits would help in planning diets, to overcome diet related morbidity and thus promote the health of people.

At DHLI we believe in:

  • Guiding and instilling correct dietary and lifestyle practices to promote health and well being.
  • Promoting healthy eating habits within the existing meal pattern.
  • Making results of latest scientific research accessible to patients and community through demonstration, seminars and workshops.

Diet department is based on a centralized service pattern. It performs a plethora of activities such as:

  • Provides patients with nutritious and appetizing meals that are prepared according to an individual's dietary prescription.
  • Provides inpatient and outpatient diet counseling service, and promote research towards providing and approach to health that is preventive and supportive rather than only prescriptive.
  • Caters to patient’s attendants and visitors through its 'Coffee Shop'Here health foods are served along with regular snacks, with an aim to create awareness about the fact that nutritionally balanced food need not be insipid or unpalatable.
  • Provide staff with elaborate meals, prepared in accordance to vagaries in taste.

At DHLI patient's food is prepared under highly supervised and sanitized conditions. Each person involved in the chain of food processing and catering undergoes extensive training to understand the gravity of food hygiene and essentials of proper food handling practices.

Each and every meal before being served to the patient is personally supervised by the dietician and the catering manager, before being served to the patient.

Various check points for food inspection are:

  • Materials
  • Storage space
  • Cooking equipments
  • Food handlers
  • Waste disposal

DHLI's diet department seeks to provide service, that would contribute to the enhancement of nutritive and health promoting values, to diet of individuals, within their own budget with a gradual but not radical change in their lifestyle. Diets formulated are not only nutritionally complete but also palatable.


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